Book Reviews / Age 10+

19th March 2024

A Drop of Golden Sun

16th April 2024

A History of Words for Children

An illustrated non-fiction book that takes the reader on a philological journey through the development of spoken and written language across the globe.

13th April 2024

All Charged Up! : Big Ideas That Changed the World

A narrative nonfiction in graphic novel format telling the fascinating story of electricity.

26th November 2023

Am I Made of Stardust?

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock uses her cheerful, accessible style to answers the sorts of questions that children, and many adults, ask about Space.

3rd December 2023

Ancient Myths, Legends and Superheroes

This text takes readers on a fascinating exploration of the stories that have shaped humanity's understanding of the world and its origins.

25th March 2024

Big Ideas from Literature: How Books Can Change Your World

An eye-opening and thought-provoking information book which encourages children to think more deeply about the process of reading and the reasons for it.

25th October 2023

Brilliant Black British History

An excellent overview of how Black people have been present in Britain throughout human history.

31st October 2023

By The Sea

A lesson in geography and history, looking at every aspect of our oceans as is possible, from holidays to trade, and mythical beings to marine life.

6th December 2023

Corpse Talk Dead Good Storytellers

4th November 2023

Do You Remember?

An incredibly beautiful picturebook that brings to life a moment in time, and moments in the time of a mother and son embarking on a new life, far from what was home.

6th August 2023

Einstein the Penguin: The Case of the Fishy Detective

This is a delightful book about the power of friendship against the odds.

3rd February 2024

Epic Adventures: Explore the World in 12 Amazing Train Journeys

A fact-filled and attractively designed globetrotting children's information book which uses different train journeys as a way of exploring every continent of the world.