Book Reviews / Age 12+

3rd December 2023

Ancient Myths, Legends and Superheroes

This text takes readers on a fascinating exploration of the stories that have shaped humanity's understanding of the world and its origins.

4th November 2023

Do You Remember?

An incredibly beautiful picturebook that brings to life a moment in time, and moments in the time of a mother and son embarking on a new life, far from what was home.

4th December 2023

Explodapedia: The Cell

An illustrated reference book that details our understanding of the cell as the foundation of all life on earth.

24th October 2023


In this selection of rewritten fairy stories, girls stand up for themselves, solve their own problems and marry the frog not the prince.

24th October 2023

Gwen and Art Are Not In Love

A fast-paced romantic comedy set in Arthurian Britain.

21st September 2023

Impossible Creatures

This book offers us a feast for the imagination, from the endpapers adorned with a beautiful map of the Archipelago, captivatingly illustrated and described with wonder and wit.

6th December 2023

Lands of Belonging: A History of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Britain

A comprehensive, engaging and visually enticing children's information book which offers a strong anti-racist message and makes a compelling argument for seeing South Asian history and culture as an i

21st September 2023

Mexikid: A Graphic Memoir

Mexikid is a vibrant, entertaining and moving coming-of-age story told in graphic novel form based on the author's own experience.

5th June 2023

Safiyyah’s War

A superb historical novel which tells the incredible, inspiring and little-known story of the role of the Grand Mosque in Paris in saving Jews during the Second World War as part of the French Resist

16th October 2023


A story full of excitement and danger, that explores themes of friendship, loyalty, identity and love, in the context of some of humanity's toughest problems.

8th October 2023

Sweet Skies

A gripping historical thriller set during a fascinating period of history set in Berlin in 1948 during the Berlin Blockade full of intrigue and double-crossing.

8th November 2023

Talking History

A beautifully illustrated book, delving into the history of speeches and how they have shaped society through time.