Book Reviews / Age 13+

13th November 2023

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line is a verse novel for teens, a story about safety and security in times of family crisis.

4th November 2023

Do You Remember?

An incredibly beautiful picturebook that brings to life a moment in time, and moments in the time of a mother and son embarking on a new life, far from what was home.

15th August 2023

Ellie Pillai is Brown

A coming-of-age novel told from the perspective of Ellie Pillai, a teenager who doesn’t feel she fits in and has perfected the art of being inconspicuous, who makes sense of the world through music.

20th November 2023


An unputdownable YA dystopian thriller about teenage mental health.

16th October 2023


A story full of excitement and danger, that explores themes of friendship, loyalty, identity and love, in the context of some of humanity's toughest problems.

8th October 2023

Sweet Skies

A gripping historical thriller set during a fascinating period of history set in Berlin in 1948 during the Berlin Blockade full of intrigue and double-crossing.

8th November 2023

Talking History

A beautifully illustrated book, delving into the history of speeches and how they have shaped society through time.

15th September 2023

The Climbers

This coming-of-age story follows the rivalry of two teenage boys vying to be the best at climbing trees.

18th June 2023

The Crossing

27th September 2023

The Den

Another well-observed and spare novella about masculinity and male friendships from Keith Gray

13th November 2023

The Earthshot Prize: A Handbook for Dreamers and Thinkers

A book for those who are dreaming of a better world and thinking of ways to make it happen.

18th July 2023

The Night In Question: An Agathas Mystery

This young adult, mystery thriller is a true guilty pleasure, perfect for lovers of this genre, but also perfectly poised to draw in readers who may not yet have discovered the joy of mystery thriller