Book Reviews / Age 8+

7th June 2024

Dungeon Runners

A new fantasy-adventure series that will inspire younger readers.

5th May 2024

Ember Spark and the Thunder of Dragons

A story with a thrilling plot brimming with magic, humour and some moments of real jeopardy.

3rd February 2024

Epic Adventures: Explore the World in 12 Amazing Train Journeys

A fact-filled and attractively designed globetrotting children's information book which uses different train journeys as a way of exploring every continent of the world.

6th April 2024

Freddy vs School

A fun read that will make you laugh out loud about friendships and fitting in.

25th March 2024

Future Hopes: Hopeful Stories in a Time of Climate Change

A collection of stories of how we might live more sustainably in the future.

15th July 2023

Greenwild: The World Behind the Door

Themes of friendship, courage and self-knowledge will appeal to readers in KS2, making this a sound reading for pleasure choice for upper primary school children.

27th March 2024


An immersive experience, this information text all about nature's fascinating habitats is sure to delight all animal-lovers.

28th May 2024

How to Chat Chicken

An endearing fact-filled animal compendium detailing the various ways in which animals communicate.

7th April 2024

Incredible Jobs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

A brief outline of some astonishing and highly unusual professions.

28th April 2024

Inside In: X-Rays of Nature’s Hidden World

A hidden world revealed through x-ray photography.

24th October 2023

Island of Whispers