Book Reviews / age4+

28th September 2023

Have You Seen Dinosaur?

A boy and an elephant go in search of a dinosaur hiding in plain sight.

5th March 2024

I’m Going to be a Princess

An inspiring story introducing us to some strong, clever, Black women who rose to the top in a variety of careers, including a princess.

5th March 2024

Ingenious Edie, Master Inventor of Tiny Town

Can Edie invent something to solve the biggest problem that the whole town is suffering from?

8th August 2023

Into the Wild

A night-time adventure in which a boy discovers that nature is closer than he thinks it is.

6th January 2024

King Lion

A small, brave girl takes on the challenge of taming the lion by offering him acceptance and kindness.

17th February 2024

Luna and the Sky Dragon

Science, storytelling and dragons - all the best things! - collide in this story about a girl, whose understanding of the universe conflicts with the beliefs and traditions of her time.

25th August 2023

Nala’s World

The words ‘One day maybe I’ll ride through a town near you’ invites readers to continue following the journeys of these delightful companions.

14th February 2024


One little boy's sadness turns to joy when he meets a snail.

13th September 2023

The Bear who had Nothing to Wear

A simple, gentle, and amusing rhyming story asking, ‘Who would you like to be?’

31st July 2023

The Best Me!

An empowering book for young children which shows them how to keep themselves healthy and happy.

21st May 2023

The Big Book of Nature Art

A big book filled with ideas to get children using easily found items for inspiring art projects.