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101 Ways To Be An Eco-Hero

Authored by Kait Eaton
Illustrated by Kait Eaton and Dynamo Ltd
Published by Lonely Planet Kids

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“No voice is too small to make a big change!” 

With lots of environmental non-fiction on the market, I was a little sceptical before opening 101 Way To Be an Eco-Hero. However, it is an interesting and thought-provoking read, useful and informative, providing lots of stimuli for all those budding eco-heroes who may bring about lots of change to a school near you.

It begins with a short questionnaire, followed by plenty of checklists, action points, useful activities and oodles of tips. I particularly liked the quirkiness of: ‘Carry your kayak, canoe or paddleboard in and out of the water instead of dragging it, so you don’t damage the banks.’ There is lots of advice on reducing your carbon footprint from shopping locally, especially in charity shops, and using the library, to making good food choices and spreading the word at school.

This slim hardback book from Lonely Planet uses a muted colour palette and does not overload the pages with illustrations and visuals. It is appealing and the only part that made me twitch was the checklist at the end, which has little boxes to actually tick. Not something this book purist could bring herself to do but each to their own.

101 Ways To Be an Eco-Hero is an excellent book for any class unit on the climate crisis and environmentalism. It would be possible to assign pages to pupils to present on. There should also be a copy in every school library for any child to pick up and be inspired by.