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A Better Day

Authored by Dr Alex George
Illustrated by The Boy Fitz Hammond
Published by Hachette Children's Group

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Dr Alex George asks, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ and while he was in school, that list was long, as were his numerous worries. He struggled to believe that his teachers liked him, that they weren’t waiting for reasons to expel him. By admitting this early on, the reader quickly relaxes. The start of this book is relatable and teen readers will empathise and understand what student Alex was thinking and how he was acting. Actually, as an adult, I also completely relate to this book.

We speak volumes about the importance of healthy body and healthy mind but we still have moments where we are not ok and A Better Day has helped me to realise, and it will guide others, that it is ok to have those days. What I found brilliant were the tips and growth mindset challenges that allow the reader to think and react differently to current or past situations. Though this is a heavy subject, this book feels light-hearted and has a cool graphic novel vibe to the illustrations and text layout.

Readers who may find books overwhelming, should find this a pleasant foray into challenging their mindset and building their resilience and strength. The book is filled with positive affirmations and heaps of hope. I came away feeling more prepared to face what life throws at me and I will be recommending this book widely to schools and public libraries for readers of 11 years upwards.