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A Bug’s World

Authored by Dr Erica McAlister
Illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman
Published by Hachette Children's Group

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In A Bug’s World from cover to cover, endpaper to endpaper, there are bugs of all shapes and sizes featured on every page. It’s any insect loving reader’s dream book.

Each wonderfully designed double page spread investigates a fact or frequently posed question about our smallest earth dwellers. From looking in depth to their habitats and their intricate designs, this factual book will enlighten readers in so many ways. One fact that continually threads its way through the book, is the vastness of the impact these small creatures have on the earth and humans. It turns out we can learn huge amounts from insects. This has been proven throughout history, as have the bonds formed between some societies and the bugs within that land.

A Bug’s World is beautifully illustrated, with each bug shown in great detail and even I, a person terrified of most bugs, was intrigued by several beetles and their skills. Educational, informative and fun to read, this is a brilliant addition to any home or KS2 school library.