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A Good Day for Climbing Trees

Authored by Jaco Jacobs
Published by One World Publications

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A Good Day for Climbing Trees is a story that draws you in from the very first page, suited to readers 9+.

This story by Jaco Jacobs is about Marnus, a middle child who feels like he is the lowest in the pecking order in his family, next to his popular older brother and his entrepreneurial younger brother. One day a girl comes to his door with a questionnaire and life begins to change…

This story is narrated in the first person by Marnus, who is a very relatable character. I immediately began rooting for him and wanted to know how everything turned out. This is a funny story about friendships, family and community with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Jaco Jacobs, the author, is South African and the story is set in South Africa, so there is a smattering of South African terms, enough to give the book a flavour of the setting but none that would prevent the reader from understanding the story. There is a brief reference to life under apartheid, which may not be self-explanatory to a younger reader unaware of South African history. Still, it would be an excellent opportunity for further discussion.

Although this could be a good story for a teacher to read aloud to their class, it would not be suitable for all children: there is some reference to the fifteen-year-old brother earning money by charging girls for kissing lessons and giving Marnus wedgies, so clearly you would need to know your class and judge whether this would be appropriate and whether you would feel comfortable reading it to them.

The blurb recommends A Good Day for Climbing Trees for readers ready to move on from the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series and I can see why, as although this book does not have pictures on every page (there are a few pictures) the dynamics of family life reminded me a little of both series.