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A Little World of Ants

Authored by Cara Rooney
Illustrated by Cara Rooney
Published by Pan Macmillan

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A Little World of Ants is a colourful, lift-the-flap  book, enticing early years children to find out about ants and what they get up to.

Within this nonfiction picturebook the reader is offered insights into what goes on below and above ground for these industrious little creatures. Facts are explained using easy to follow simple sentences and interaction is encouraged through questions and lift-the-flap prompts.

As you move through the book its information develops into more of a story; a character is introduced inviting you to to help an ant find a safe space to hide from predators. The illustrations are very appealing, painted in ink and charcoal, vibrant in colour. Additionally creatures are drawn in a charming child-like style, which upon reviewing the publication information, reveals they have been drawn by two four year olds. This illustration choice would encourage young readers to draw their own colony of ants.

A Little World of Ants is certainly one that can be accessed by 3-5 year olds and would be a popular addition to a book corner or minibeast topic. As the book includes lift-the-flap opportunities, it would benefit from being regularly monitored after reading as they could easily be torn by excited, curious children.