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A Pinch of Love

Authored by Barry Timms
Illustrated by Tisha Lee
Published by Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

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A Pinch of Love: Who doesn’t need a pinch of love? This story is all about how love can be found all around us. How love can be found with the smallest of actions and tiniest of things.

The story opens with a question, ‘If there was a recipe to make a better day what would be the special thing you would add along the way?’ It goes on to focus on different snap shots of lives and look at how little things can mean a little love. Its lyrical style makes you want to engage and invites you to make up your own lines. Opening with a question immediately invites an engagement with the book and opens the opportunity for dialogue. Each of the pages provide prompts with different people, all seemingly living different moments separately.

The illustrations make it clear that this book will be about diversity, inclusion and community. I loved the way the M was missing on the community sign. It made a statement very early on that something needed fixing. It really draws the reader in and I was so relieved when it was fixed.

I think this book would be excellent for early years and Y1 to support PSHCE. It can also be used as a stimulus for children writing poetry or writing about their special ingredient. I can see that it could become a classic text in Early Years for many years to come. Perhaps a staple, to rival ‘Do you know how much I love you?’