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A Quokka for the Queen

Authored by Huw Lewis Jones
Illustrated by Fred Blunt
Published by Happy Yak

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A Quokka for the Queen! A what? A Quokka. Huw Lewis-Jones describes a quokka as a bit similar to a kangaroo but not as cute as a koala. A quokka and a queen – an unlikely pairing you may think. The Queen and Quokka immediately form a perfect friendship in this delightfully witty picture book. Together they decide that it is time for a change. No longer will the Queen be the person who receives all of the presents. Change must happen at the palace; gifts must be provided to all those individuals known to the Queen. No one must be missed from the giving list, which features, butlers, musicians, sailors, poets, teachers (and many more) and a very familiar-looking Prime Minister.

‘What present shall we give the Prime minister?’, asks the Queen. Suggestions from the quokka are plentiful – a pigeon, python, a pig, or polar bear. Alliterations galore feature on every page. Flamingos for farmers. Gorillas for gardeners.

Fred Blunt’s illustrations add to the humour of this story, especially the disgruntled corgi, who is most put out that this quirky quokka is now entertaining the Queen. A Quokka for the Queen literary offerings are plentiful. Young readers may discover a new Australian mammal or a chihuahua perhaps. This is a perfect picture book for EYFS and Key Stage One.