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A Way With Wild Things

Authored by Larissa Theule
Illustrated by Sara Palacios
Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books

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A Way With Wild Things by Larissa Theule  and Sara Palacios  is a beautiful picturebook that introduces us to a young girl who enjoys being outdoors. Poppy Ann Fields likes nature and nature likes Poppy Ann. Immersed in the study of spiders, cicadas, ants, ladybugs and many other species,  Poppy Ann feels happy and content. The opposite can be said for social gatherings involving human beings. Whenever there are large social celebrations Poppy attempts to blend into the background, hoping to not be noticed by anyone.

Until one day when Uncle Dan spots her at her Grandma’s birthday party. Where Poppy is drawn out from her hiding spot by a beautiful dragonfly. Poppy is an introvert, happy with her own company, different from the others. This was the last thing that she wanted, to be the centre of attention!

Fight or flight? Which one would Poppy choose? Would she stay and wow her extended family with her extensive knowledge of insects?

A Way With Wild Things is a lovely book that celebrates difference, the special qualities and knowledge that children possess. Uncle Dan uses the expression ‘Wallflower’, within every class there may be two children who appear to be ‘Wallflowers’, their time to shine will come. Every child has a wealth of knowledge which they are patiently waiting to share with their class.

This book is perfect for primary libraries and classrooms that maybe studying individualism or ecology.