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Agent Moose: Operation Owl

Authored by Mo O'Hara
Illustrated by Jess Bradley
Published by Scholastic

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Agent Moose: Operation Owl is part of the series of Agent Moose books and follows the adventures of Agent Moose and not-quite-so-special Agent Owlfred as they investigate a series of unusual flash floods causing havoc in the Big Woods.

The author, Mo O’Hara, has used some fantastic literary devices with alliteration and word play making this an excellent book to expand children’s vocabulary and see how fun words can be. ‘Confounding kidnap capers’ and ‘fluke flood’ were two of my favourites and the character name of ‘Camo Chameleon’ is inspired!  In one section, Mo O’Hara, provided an explanation of the word ‘flummoxed’ as a natural part of dialogue between two characters, which is an excellent way to ensure that readers are adding new words to their vocabulary as they read.

The artwork by Jess Bradley is wonderful and the book is a myriad of colour and images. The representation of facial expressions, for example, really bring the words to life.

The comic book genre is not for every reader; I find it quite difficult to follow the narrative of comic book texts.  However, I know that many readers love it and it can be an excellent gateway to longer, narrative texts. The story has a clever ‘whodunnit’ feel and an exciting identity reveal which gave me ‘Mystery Machine’ vibes.

The beautiful illustrations, clever word play and twists in the tale make this a recommended read for KS2 readers, particularly for children who may feel overwhelmed with long pages of text.