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Albert Supersize

Authored by Ian Brown
Illustrated by Eoin Clarke
Published by Graffeg

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The latest book in the series sees Albert the tortoise on his biggest adventure, except this time there is a particular thought occupying his mind…what would it be like to be bigger?

Albert is on a lifesaving mission to save the dinosaurs by stopping a volcano from erupting and destroying the land. As the volcano shakes, he wakes up to realise that he has been dreaming and he is not the mighty dinosaur leader he had imagined. Albert’s friends think he is the perfect size and although they love hearing about his big dreams, they desperately need his help in the garden. Will Albert be able to save the day?

This book’s potential is twofold. It can be read for pleasure as a lovely tale of friendship and helping others or alternatively it offers an opportunity for children to explore and learn more about pre-historic creatures such as turtles/dinosaurs or complement a topic on minibeasts/habitats. Albert is based on a real tortoise who has his own Twitter page, so together with the facts in the peritext, the stories about Albert are a great way to encourage learning and discussions about all kinds of creatures – great and small.

Although the amount of text is minimal, the vocabulary has been chosen carefully. Words such as snuffed, summit and scurry will expand children’s repertoire of words without hindering their understanding of the story. The text placement leaves space for the stunning illustrations which fill the pages with vibrant colour and sound. Children from Nursery to Year 2 will thoroughly enjoy creating their own narratives and exploring all the gems this book has to offer.