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Aliens: Join the Scientists Searching Space for Extraterrestrial Life

Authored by Joalada Morancy
Illustrated by Amy Grimes
Published by Neon Squid

Extra-terrestrial life has always fascinated youngsters so this book will be a very welcome addition to primary libraries and homes. This is an ‘out of this world’ adventure. Full of facts and information about all things planetary and alien. Do they exist? What are we doing to find out? All these and more questions will be answered in this informative and interesting book.

It has a slightly retro feel to the production of this book, which is packed full of illustrations to accompany the fairly extensive text. There is a very comprehensive contents page, a useful index and a good glossary explaining some of the more complex words and terminology used throughout the text and in this field of science. For example, did you know what panspermia was? The glossary tells us it is ‘A theory stating that life is carried through space on board comets and meteors!’

Joalada begins by introducing herself as someone who is ‘interested in life in the universe and delving deeper into the unknown’ Someone like the reader! Each set of pages looks at a different aspect. Very atmospheric illustrations and clear informative text. We discover the robots sent to Mars to look for Martians, ways to spot an alien civilisation, race spaceships and discover the frozen world of Europa!

Full of scientific facts and thoughts of what may be out there this is a science loving child’s dream. I particularly enjoyed the page about the ‘mars Jars’ (page 45) invented and developed in the kitchen of a professor in the 1950’s which were the start of learning how life could exist on this far away planet. The book illustrates the real science behind the search for alien life form.

This is a fascinating read, beautifully illustrated with a high standard of production. An asset to any primary school and home library.