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Amazing Treasures

Authored by David Long
Illustrated by Studio Muti
Published by What On Earth Books

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Amazing Treasures is a non-fiction book filled with a plethora of interesting treasure related information.

The book covers a wide variety of areas from ‘What makes a treasure?’ to ‘Sacred Treasures’, ‘Architectural Wonders’ and ‘Tomb Raiders.’ It really does cover a diverse range of subjects related to treasure. I hadn’t considered before looking at this book how wide-ranging and diverse the schema of ‘treasure’ could actually be.

I found this book an engaging read. It is presented in an attractive style with illustrations that took me back to my childhood, with the colour palette being reminiscent of books from the ’70s and ’80s, although this is a thoroughly modern book. Each two-page spread relates to a different theme and is easy to navigate with a mix of eye-catching illustrations and information boxes. One of the things I enjoyed most when reading was the diverse range of information and the ‘dip-ability’ of the book. It is very easy to pick it up and flick to a page at random and find something interesting that will then potentially lead you down a rabbit hole of wanting to find out more. Each entry in the book is well written and catchy, but short. This will appeal to more reluctant readers but may also encourage more enthusiastic readers (particularly enthusiasts of history and general knowledge) to go and find out more.  For instance, there is a short entry on the Moai Heads of Easter Island, that could easily hook the reader into wanting to find out more about this fascinating mysterious treasure.

Like a lot of good non-fiction books, this book has a collaborative feel to it, in that I can easily see it being enjoyed by a group of children in a classroom or school library. Due to the nature of the short entries, there is plenty to explore and discuss. This book would be a good addition to a KS2 classroom or school library.