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Anisha Accidental Detective – Holiday Adventure!

Authored by Serena Patel
Illustrated by Emma McCann
Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd

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Just when Anisha thought she was in for a family holiday…along comes a mystery to solve!

Activity holidays are not for Anisha, but this one turns out to be filled with much more than swimming or archery. The holiday camp’s precious Delilah the Duck has been vandalised and it’s up to Anisha to get to the bottom of it and clear her new friend Cleo’s name. With everyone under suspicion the story twists and turns as Anisha also has to navigate the pranks being pulled by Dillon and his friends. Will he ever stop showing off?

This is the fifth instalment of the Anisha Accidental Detective series but it does not matter if you have not read the previous books. It is a fast paced read which will delight young readers. Illustrator Emma McCann brings Serena Patel’s story to life. Pictures are inclusive and it’s good to have a book in which each child could put themselves in the place of the characters. Pupils can identify with the feelings of going away with the whole family and the humour it can bring.

This text is ideal for a class read, book corner or school library. It is a feel-good read which is easily accessible. It could be used to spark discussions around telling the truth and friendship in PSHE. Issues around the peer pressure and changing yourself to fit in with other people could also be explored.