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Anna and Otis

Authored by Maisie Paradise Shearring
Published by Two Hoots Books

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Anna and Otis are best friends, and they enjoy their time together, playing at home and in the garden.  They’d like to go out exploring, but Otis is a snake, and some people don’t like snakes. Otis is upset by other people’s silly and mean reactions to him, but Anna is sure once they get to know him, everyone will love Otis as much as she does.

Anna decides that the best way to challenge prejudice is to introduce Otis to everyone. Their first stop is a hairdresser’s shop, where Otis is shampooed because he can’t have a hair cut. They also visit the skate park and the cafe, and, slowly, other people come to accept Otis, and realise he is not scary at all.

This super book is full of humour, portrayed through the cheerful and engaging illustrations. Otis joins in the skateboarding in an inventive way, and in the cafe, everything he has eaten is clearly visible through his skin, including a fork and a banana! Anna and Otis have a real bond and Anna’s unswerving belief that her friend is brilliant is uplifting.

A fun read with a great message that the best way to make friends is to be brave and say hello, this story would be enjoyed by EYFS and KS1 children either at storytime or as an independent read,