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Aubrey and the Terrible Spiders

Authored by Horatio Clare
Illustrated by Jane Matthews
Published by Firefly Press Ltd

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I am late to reading this series by Horatio Clare but now having read Aubrey and the Terrible Spiders, I feel the need to remedy this and start from the beginning. Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot is where it all begins and it then moves to Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds. In this third book in the series, Aubrey is widely known and respected by the wild animals and insects near his home. They call him Aubrey Rambunctious Wolf and trust him to care for them and lead them wisely. The humans around Aubrey also have a similar view of him.

When Aubrey gets embroiled in a plot to save the world, which is great, it is also flawed and may cause more trouble than expected. This story is about the power of children fighting for their world, educating parents and ensuring wildlife can grow and thrive. As a story for teachers and students, this is a fantastic way of opening the eyes of children to the plight of our environment and allowing them to think of things from the perspective of nature and her creatures.

Edie is a fantastic character, almost an evil villain with good intentions. She decides to do something to cause change in their valley and though she has created a plan, there are gaps that Aubrey tries to block and the pair almost become enemies on the battlefield. The personalities of the animals are brilliant throughout the story. Aubrey and the Terrible Spiders would make a great class novel in upper KS2, or after reading Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot, having the two later books as an offer for readers to continue with the series.