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Beyond the Frozen Horizon

Authored by Nicola Penfold
Published by Little Tiger Press

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An adventure story resonant for our times and a gripping read aloud for Upper KS2.

It is 2030, and Rory travels with her mother, an environmental geologist to the Arctic – the land of snow and ice, bears, reindeer and white foxes – on a project aiming to extract rare earth metals to be used for ‘clean’ technology. World leaders have pledged a coordinated response to eliminate environmental crisis and prioritise wildlife. Seemingly, the earth, land and wildlife are protected and the future appears hopeful. Yet tensions abound between the scientists and the local population who are deeply suspicious of the project and its impact on the people, animals and the land. As Rory attempts to make friends with the children in this remote community, she takes it upon herself to investigate their claims about her mother’s company and to bring peace to the ghosts of the past.

Both a celebration of the wilderness and the impact individuals can have, this book is also a stark warning of continuing threats to the global environment. Alongside the strong environmental message, there are also personal themes of Rory’s loneliness and struggles with her parents’ divorce which add to the richness of the storytelling.

The compelling narrative, dialogue, chapter length and themes make this book a wonderful read for upper KS2 and also a launchpad from which to explore nonfiction texts around environmentalism and arctic wildlife.