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Bob the Dog Gets a Job

Authored by Tracey Hammett
Illustrated by Angie Stevens
Published by Graffeg

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Bob the Dog Gets a Job. A job, I hear you say! The collaboration of Hammett and Stevens works perfectly, illustration and text provide a wonderful story for all. This delightful picture book captures the day in the life of Bob and her friend Pat the Cat. Pat is the opposite of Bob; Pat loves a nap and is extremely laid back.

On hearing the familiar tune of an ice cream van, Bob has a brainwave. Selling ice creams would be the perfect job for a busy dog called Bob! Bob and Pat follow the tune to their local park. Where low and behold, Pat and Bob cannot believe their eyes: it just so happens to be the day of the ice cream festival. A prize is on offer for the best ice cream served on the day. ‘Yippety yep’ thinks Bob.

Bob sets about seeking employment, she visits several ice cream vans. Who will employ her, will it be Mrs Wafer, Mr Topping, Mr Nutty, Mr Flaky or Ms Sprinkle? Fortunately for Bob, there is one van that requires a pair of hands (or paws in this case) to help out during the festival. This is the opportunity Bob has been waiting for. Time to shine, time to serve delicious ice cream. With a note of warning about a dodgy nozzle, Bob is left alone to serve the customers in the park. Bob fits the role perfectly, she loves serving ice cream and yapping with the customers, until the cones begin to run out. What will Bob do? Whoops, the ice cream nozzle gets stuck! Bob is a quick-thinking, creative pooch. Disaster is averted, ice cream artistry ensues and is celebrated by all.

This joyful picture book would be a welcomed addition to primary classrooms or libraries. A must-read during a heatwave! Additionally, I really hope that there is a series of books planned for Bob and Pat.