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Wild World

Authored by Angela McAllister
Illustrated by Hvass and Hannibal
Published by Wide-eyed

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Wild World is a beautiful non-fiction poetry book exploring habitats from around the world.

Thirteen habitats from around the world, including moorland, prairie, desert, rock pool and mangrove, among others, are shared through beautiful illustrations and stunning poetry.

This title presents an unusual combination of non-fiction and poetry, Wild World introduces readers to different habitats from around the world, and the animals and plants that can be found there, through both poignant poetry and intricate illustrations. The magic and wonder of each environment seep through the colours, drawings and poetry which carefully mirror each other.

Angler fish glow with living light to lure their prey,

Jellyfish sparkle,

Shrimp warn with a dazzling flash.’

Children can search each double-page spread for the animals named in each poem. As each habitat is beautifully captured, the reader develops a strong sense not just of a wild world but a wonderful world. Alongside a wondrous celebration of nature, art and poetry, the book delivers a gentle conservation message through a fact file at the back of the book which introduces some of the threats these different habitats are facing.

This would be a perfect book to accompany a geography unit about world habitats or introduce children to the wonders of the natural world and the threats they face. After reading some of the poems, children could choose other habitats and create their own poetry.

Wild World would make a good companion text to David Long’s Wild Lives which relates the stories of ’50 extraordinary animals that made history’. For many children, these two books could inspire a life-long interest in the world around them.