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Bun on the Run

Authored by Smriti Halls
Illustrated by Chris Jevon
Published by Scholastic

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Bernard is a large, iced Belgian bun (with a cherry on top) who sets out to escape from the bakery shelves. As he leaps through the shop door, Bernard proclaims, ‘There is more to life than this for me!’ However, once he finds himself in danger almost immediately. He is chased by a dog, a cat, – then by a goose before he is spotted by a large crow who pecks him off the ground and flies away with him in her beak. Will he ever be free?

Bun on the Run is an enjoyable tale about confectionary. It owes a lot to a certain tale about a gingerbread man and crafty Mr Fox. Even the refrain ‘Run, run as fast as you can!’ features on the front cover. However, with all folk tales, it is normal for storytellers to adapt and change the text to suit their audience. There is no harm in a modern generation of nursery rhyme fans hearing an updated version of The Gingerbread Man.

This is a story that offers opportunities for various activities with early years and Key Stage 1 children. They will enjoy looking closely at the lively illustrations and joining in with the repeated phrases and rhymes. It might even stimulate making some buns or cakes too!