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Can you see the stars tonight?

Authored by Anna Terreros-Martin
Illustrated by Anna Terreros-Martin
Published by David Fickling Books

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Have you ever looked up to the sky and wondered why the stars seem a little faded? This book deals with the real issue of light pollution in a delightful way, telling us the story of a young puffin who is drawn to the lights of a nearby town and the story of the little girl who tries to solve the problem.

Nora is a girl who clearly loves nature as we can see from the detailed illustrations of her bedroom. We quickly learn that she also loves puffins. When a young puffin tumbles into her bedroom, she is on a mission to save it and return it to Puffin Island. This story really resonated with me in so many ways, particularly as I have often gazed at a real Puffin Island. I thought the issues were real and sensitively dealt with. Her determination to change things was modelled in a realistic way, so children could imagine being able help. The illustrations allowed you to believe this could be on your doorstep and that you could also make a difference.

The book also quietly acknowledges the different make up of families. She has two dads. However, this is not the main point of the story and it is so well done. I could see this book being used in Y1-Y2 classes to stimulate ideas for science topics, environmental issues and learning about habitats.

Longlisted for the Spark Book Awards 2024 Picture Fiction for Early Readers