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Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure

Authored by Dr Sai Pathmanathan
Illustrated by Lucia Vinti
Published by Faber and Faber

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As a child, I was obsessed with the Choose Your own Adventure series.  This collection of books invited the reader to ‘choose’ which way the story would travel at pivotal points in the action.  Dr Sai Pathmanathan has replicated this structure in the fun and playful, interactive cookbook Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure: Vegetarian recipes from around the world.  What could be better than combining a favourite childhood read and food?

The book begins with a challenge, ‘Those who love cooking and baking tend to follow recipes in order to create a scrumptious dish or two. But what if the final dish was left up to chance?’ This is a recipe book unlike any other you’ve ever encountered as the final product of each recipe (each with only 6 ingredients) isn’t revealed until the final step. The reader is in control on this wild, culinary ride! This intersection between cooking and gaming will appeal to readers young and old. From fruit scones to injera, there is something for every palate – sweet and savoury dishes from around the world.

Dr Sai Pathmanathan is no stranger to creating engaging materials for young learners. With over 20 years of experience in science education and author of the STEM book Utterly Jarvellous (2021), she has a wealth of experience in making science (and cooking!) enjoyable for all. London-based illustrator Lucia Vinti enjoys creating work about people, places, food and culture. Her debut children’s book was The Looking Book (2022).

A unique, playful addition for your classroom library collection, Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure: Vegetarian recipes from around the world, is a tasty delight, sure to be both savoured and devoured by younger readers.