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Christopher Nibble

Authored by Charlotte Middleton
Illustrated by Charlotte Middleton
Published by Graffeg Limited

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Christopher Nibble is a cute little Guinea pig who loves playing football but even more than that he loves eating dandelions. In Christopher Nibble’s world everyone loves eating dandelions and herein lies the problem. The dandelions in Dandeville soon become scarce and unavailable. However, clever little Christopher Nibble discovers one lonely dandelion and instead of eating it realises the importance of nurturing it. Will this one little Guinea pig be able to save the day in Dandeville as he quietly gets on with the task of helping people and the environment?

This is a lovely tale to encourage children to think about planting something for themselves and to encourage little green fingers. It is a timely reminder of the need to look after our environment and the importance of food sustainability. The story includes information about seed dispersal and some interesting experiments could follow about how the dandelion seeds spread across the village of Dandeville. The dandelion facts that appear at the end of the story as well as some simple easy to follow guidance on how to grow and nurture plants is a motivating addition.

Christopher Nibble will appeal to children in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 and the book could be an ideal introduction to setting up a small garden in school or growing and caring for plants at home with the help of an adult. The guinea pigs show their emotions and cute characteristics through Charlotte Middleton’s colourful and endearing illustrations that complement the tale perfectly. We are drawn into the story with the text woven throughout each page.

There are some points for further discussion like how we can learn more by visiting a library perhaps or even the idea of consumerism – an advanced concept but one that is very relevant and cleverly identified in this story. Christopher Nibble: in a tale of dandelion derring-do is the latest in a series of books about this unlikely hero.