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Christopher Pumpkin

Authored by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet
Illustrated by Nick East
Published by Hachette


Christopher Pumpkin is a hilarious seasonal treat from Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

It is a dark night in Spooksville. A busy witch casts a spell on a pile of pumpkins, hoping they’ll help her get ready for her big scary party. The pumpkins come to life, and all goes as planned until Christopher appears. He’s appalled by the cobwebs, rat pizza and mouldy cheese, and sets about cheering the place up with cupcakes, balloons and glitter. The other pumpkins are horrified. The furious witch demands he gets scarier, or else she will turn him into pumpkin soup. Can Christopher save his skin by causing a scare?

From the authors of the Supertato books, this is another brilliant addition to the book corner. Its rhyming text is a delight to read aloud, and the illustrations suit the text perfectly. Christopher sitting up in his fairy-light strewn pink bed surrounded by pumpkins sleeping under spider duvets, made me laugh out loud. In fact, the whole book is laugh-out-loud funny, with so much to enjoy.

Underneath the humour, Christopher imparts a strong message of staying true to oneself, even when you don’t fit in. Christopher Pumpkin is another winner from this dynamic duo.