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Colours, Colours Everywhere

Authored by Julia Donaldson
Illustrated by Sharon King-Chai
Published by Two Hoots Books (Pan Macmillan)

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Colours, Colours Everywhere is quite simply a stunningly colourful journey of a book. It opens with a child’s pair of hands with a paintbrush and a box of paints, wondering what to paint. This first double spread also has a lift-the -flap notebook with the text, ‘I think I’ll start with something blue’ and a hole through to the next page, giving us a hint of blue and enticing us to turn over and see. And so, the journey begins: taking us through beautiful vibrant landscapes filled with animals of all colours, with foldouts, flaps to lift and holes to peep through on every page. It’s full of surprises, with rhyming text and a cyclical adventure that ends where it started, back home at a desk with paints and the question, ‘I wonder what I’ll paint today?’ The difference at the end is that we see the little girl now sitting at her desk with her adventure companion, the little blue frog. A perfect ending and starting point to let young imaginations run free with their own colours.

This picture book is filled with ideas for young children of 3-6 years to be imaginative with paints, pencils or felt pens to create their own pictures and, for the very young readers, to start learning about colours. There are blue frogs, birds with yellow wings and an island with purple hills and more, inspiring children to be innovative with what they create and have fun with colours.

Together this partnership of author and illustrator have already published the equally colourful and rhyming Animalphabet and Counting Creatures, which if you love this book, you’ll most definitely want to seek out these two too. This is Julia Donaldson at her rhyming best and Sharon King-Chai at her innovative and colourful best: a stunning picture book of discovery.