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Counting in Green: 10 Little Ways to Help Our Big Planet

Authored by Hollis Kurman
Illustrated by Barroux
Published by Otter-Barry Books

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Counting in Green:

What can we do when Mother Earth needs our help?’ asks Kurman in this beautifully Barroux-illustrated picture book.

The answer?

From one to ten we’re counting green to keep our planet safe and clean!

And so, we are shown ten ways we can become great citizens of planet Earth. Plant a tree. Cycling. Meatless meals. Recycling. On the list goes in a fairly expected fashion until we come to the tenth and final (and perhaps most powerful) message of the book, which is to come together, be a community, help each other in our green purpose.

The great power of Counting in Green is the simplicity of its delivery. Each double-paged spread contains just one recommendation in sparse, perfectly-pitched language. Once that has been read, the fun, vibrant illustrations add a whole palette of other shades and context to the idea. The seventh suggestion is to keep our beaches clean by doing litter pick-ups to protect our seas and the creatures that inhabit them. Barroux compliments this with a gorgeous picture of a family enjoying exploring the coastal setting with its crabs, starfish and gulls, highlighting how such restorative actions can be combined with others to make them all the more joyful. Even the dog’s getting involved!

It’s a brave book too, and doesn’t hide away from the terrible reality of a hotter, stormier and ecologically-depleted planet. But, by providing a manifesto for earth-friendly living for children in Early Years and KS1, its central message remains one of hope.