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Curious Creatures Working With Tools

Authored by Zoe Armstrong
Illustrated by Anja Susanj
Published by  Flying Eye Books

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An absolutely fascinating look at animals and their use of tools that help them survive and thrive in their own habitats. Children are generally keen to learn more about animals and this is a new perspective that will ignite some brilliant discussions about the use of tools by humans and animals.

As I was reading, I was struck by the incredible ways that animals use their environments, in much the same way humans do. Perhaps as we grow up, that sense of awe with the animal kingdom gets muted by our own issues but this book will bring that wonder back for all who read it.

Browsing the variety of tools and uses proves that we can learn a lot more from animals and without damaging the environment. Nature has provided all they need and for thousands of years, all that humans needed as well. Perhaps the next time you need to use a tool, you can think like one of the animals in this book and look to nature to inspire you.

If I wanted to use this in a classroom, I might be tempted to pose a discussion question about whether animals use tools to gain some insight into what the students know or believe to be true. Many will likely list monkeys or apes due to their similarities to humans but I wonder if any could list some of the other incredible creatures featured in this book. I was particularly enamoured with the cover creature, the otter. They are so clever in how they protect themselves while sleeping and how they ensure no one gets lost.

It goes without saying that the illustrations are vital to displaying just how the animals use nature and create tools. Flying Eye books are often wonderfully illustrated and with exceptional eye to detail.