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Curse of the Chosen

Authored by Alexis Deacon
Published by Flying Eye Books

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I am a huge fan of Alexis Deacon. His picture books Beegu and Croc and Bird are two of my all-time favourites. However, I’ve never really enjoyed reading graphic novels, despite several attempts. I find them very difficult to read. So, it was with mixed trepidatious feelings I began to read his latest graphic novel Curse of the Chosen.

As the title suggests, Curse of the Chosen is a fantasy story with all the elements of a good myth. To begin with, I found the text quite difficult to follow. There are multiple characters and to say the pace of the narrative is rapid would be an understatement. However, a third of the way into the book I became hooked. The detailed, albeit small, illustrations in each frame carefully create a fantasy world through which the characters must complete their dangerous quests. Each well-rounded character is cleverly developed through just a few snippets of dialogue and some very well-drawn expressions and gestures, as each individual’s plot gradually becomes intertwined into a very complex but exciting narrative.

Whilst I myself might never fully become a graphic novel fan, I completely understand the appeal now I have read this book. So much is told by so little and each page can be read and re-read many times to reveal different nuances and details. It can be read alone in silence, but even more enjoyable to read it and discuss it together. This book could be enjoyed by a wide and diverse range of readers from KS2 through to adulthood and it would soon become a highly prized addition to a classroom book corner.