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Dave and Greta Make the World Better

Authored by Matt Carr
Illustrated by Matt Carr
Published by Scholastic

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Dave, the fox, and Greta, the wise young owl, spend a lot of time playing together, throwing snowballs in the snow, and picnicking in the sun. As time passes, they begin to realise that things around them are beginning to change. The weather is hotter in the summer and there is not as much snow in the winter. Then one day, Dave sees an important item on the news that helped him to understand why the climate was beginning to change.

Determined to help their world, they explore various ways where their actions might positively affect the environment. Dave’s ideas are big, and quite literally, out of this world, while Greta takes time to research the problem of climate change to find helpful solutions.

This fun rhyming narrative with its bold visuals is suitable for EYFS and KS1 to be read aloud and browsed through. The pages of practical tips are perfect for promoting discussions about the small, everyday changes that can be made to help the environment.