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Deadly and Dangerous Animals

Authored by Ben Rothery
Illustrated by Ben Rothery
Published by Penguin Random House Children's UK

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Ben Rothery is an impressive and knowledgeable artist and author. His books are renowned for their details, both in illustration and in fact about the animal kingdom. They form a beautiful series from across the habitats and species.

In this book, Deadly and Dangerous Animals, Ben aims to dispel the myth that the deadliest animals are the largest. As you delve into the facts and animals within, you will soon see that sometimes it is the smallest who have a greater risk aligned with them. I for one, was impressed with Burchell’s Army Ant and the fact that one colony can capture up to 30000 prey in a day by working as a team.

I think, immediately from looking at the cover and title, that children will be curious about what animals they will discover inside, perhaps guessing as they open to the contents and see how this book is broken down into deadly ways. From mimicry to teamwork and poisons, not is all as it seems with some animals. Each animal is given space to be explored and read about ensuring most readers will discover something new and exciting to share around the dinner table.

Ideal for opening up discussions and further research, this book will be a welcome sight in any classroom or school library. I highly recommend investing in all of Ben’s books. They are beautiful and filled with fascinating facts.

Shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2023