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Diagnosis Danger

Authored by Roopa Farooki
Published by Oxford University Press

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Diagnosis Danger is a sassy, action-packed mystery book for emerging independent readers with some interesting scientific and medical information added as a bonus. This book is the second in the ‘Double Detectives Medical Mystery’ series.

This is a story about Tulip and Ali (the twins of a single, working doctor) who witness a crime and try to solve it. They are helped along the way by their friends (also twins) and secret agent nan. The girls and their nan end up at a cat hotel where they come face-to-face with some strange events. Here, they must solve the mystery of the crimes they have witnessed.

This book was engaging and entertaining for a young independent reader who is fairly new to novels. It has an element of mystery which will keep them engaged and there is plenty of action throughout the book. It would be helpful to read the first chapter or so with the child because, although the language is not complex, the book jumps right into dialogue between two sets of twins which can be a little confusing. However, once the story gets going it is easy to follow and read.

The characters are sassy which some children may find amusing as there is a fair bit of banter between the twins and their cool nan. However, the ‘moody twin’ sticks one-dimensionally to this role and can be annoying. There are just enough clues and twists throughout the book to enable the reader to make conclusions, want to read on to see if they were right and second guess themselves to keep it entertaining.

I recommend this book for libraries and suggest it would be suitable for children aged 7-10 who are just past the first stage of novels and ready for something more challenging than the initial (Horrid Henry type) novel books.