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Dick the Delightful Duck

Authored by Kaye Umansky
Illustrated by Ben Mantle
Published by Scholastic

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Kaye Umansky’s Dick the Delightful Duck is a humorous picture book, which will become a firm favourite for so many children (and adults). Dick certainly is the most delightful duck. He is kind, thoughtful and a thoroughly decent duck. Dick displays manners that impress everyone he meets. He holds doors open, would give up his seat on a busy bus and he is always happy to dry dishes. His manners are impeccable, he never forgets to say please and thank you. This duck is a real delight!

Until one day when Dick gets out of bed the wrong side (this book is perfect for explaining idioms and antonyms). Poor Dick did not feel himself at all. He was cranky and cross. He was moody and mean. Dick ignored all of his friends and displayed no manners at all. His friends were astounded, ‘What on earth had happened to their most generous friend?’, they thought. Together they rallied. His friends knew just what to do, they would reciprocate his kind acts. They would treat him to ice cream, offer a listening ear, invite him for tea or bake him a pie. They agreed as friends that everyone is entitled to an off day, even Dick the Delightful Duck.

This wonderful rhyming story captures emotions, kindness and friendship perfectly. Ben Mantle’s bright illustrations capture the range of emotions that friends can display even in just one day. This book will win the hearts and minds of teachers and children alike. A must for all classrooms.