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Dig, Dig, Digger

Authored by Morag Hood
Illustrated by Morag Hood
Published by Pan Macmillan

Digger is angry. Every day is spent digging DOWN into dark, worm-infested mud. However, she has heard there is somewhere different and exciting called UP. UP is sky and stars and adventure but it is tricky to get to. Will Digger get to UP? What will happen if she does? What if she gets lost? Will she ever get home again?

Sharing this book with children will be a joy. There are very few fiction books for Early Years children about road diggers (and this is possibly the only one with a female protagonist). Both the written text and the illustrations are perfect, not just to accompany the story, but also to prompt discussion, counting, or engaging in all forms of creativity. It is possible to plan a complete PE or dance routine based on the end papers alone.

As soon as I realised that this is a book written and illustrated by Morag Hood, I knew I was in for a great read. Her books are always packed with action, colour and fun. But what happened to Digger? Well, despite setbacks, once Digger starts on her adventure to the stars, there is no stopping her. This tale of courage, ambition and determination is a lesson for us all. We should all look to Digger and follow her motto to ‘Dream big and be yourself!’