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Dig, Dig, Digger

Authored by Morag Hood
Illustrated by Morag Hood
Published by Pan Macmillan

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Dig, Dig, Digger: Can you imagine the first-person narrator of a story being a large road-making machine? If you have read Brenda the sheep, I am Bat or any other of Morag Hood’s delightful books for the very young, you will be familiar with the way she can imbue the most unlikely objects with engaging personalities. For example, Colin is a carrot and Lee is a pea. Hardly the most captivating items of the vegetable world, but in Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea they sparkle with wit. And she has done it again in Dig, Dig, Digger. Bored with the constant task of digging downwards to build new roads, Digger decides that she wants to stop digging down and start going up because ‘Up would be sky, stars and adventure’. But going up is not easy. She makes several attempts but with little success until she attaches balloons to her long, articulated digging arm. Up she goes,

Bye Lamp post, Bye Traffic Lights I’m going on an adventure. I’m going by myself.

Needless to say, ‘going up’ can become both problematic and scary – especially when the balloons start to burst. Will Digger ever get home? Don’t worry, this tale has an innovative and satisfactory ending. Vocabulary, page design and images all provide plenty of ways of sharing the story with children. There is, possibly, a term’s worth of movement sessions just by physically mirroring the end-papers, and observing the facial expressions on traffic lights, motor vehicles and Digger herself, can inspire talk about feelings. There is so much else going on in this delightful book. It is perfect for Early Years.