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Dragon’s Green

Authored by Scarlett Thomas
Illustrated by Dan Mumford
Published by Canongate Books

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Dragon’s Green is magical Education at its strongest and finest.

Fantasy stories very much thrive and survive upon the magical worlds that they create, deep inside the reader’s mind. Dragon’s Green certainly paints a vivid picture of the realms of magic, decorated by sorcerers that create a domain of evil and good. Scarlett Thomas includes an exciting opening… as five or so years before the story began, a massive earth-wide disturbance instantaneously wiped out the last 25 years of technological development – pulling the storyline and magical atmosphere, back into the dark ages.

This book authored by Scarlett Thomas  and illustrated by Dan Mumford is thoroughly recommended because it takes you on a fast-paced adventure, enhanced by whimsical, strong, witty and courageous characters (Effie, Lexy and Maximilian Underwood – to name a few). The way Thomas captures the school friends and their quests to stop the Diberi is exhilarating.

How best to use this fantastic book? Within an adventure writing topic, whereby this would be the model text. This text would be a high-quality reminder of all the different elements a strong magical adventure story needs. Pace, excitement, witty and courageous characters and a sense of unravelling adventure that throws unexpected twists and turns, into the mix. An enlightening read.