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Elmer and the Gift

Authored by David McKee
Illustrated by David McKee
Published by Andersen Press

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Published posthumously, following the sad death of David McKee earlier this year, Elmer and the Gift is the 30th book featuring the iconic patchwork elephant. In his familiar world, children can learn gentle but important lessons about empathy and this book continues that tradition.

Elmer meets Rose while he is out walking and she tells him that Aunt Zelda is looking for him. Knowing that she is a bit forgetful as well as a little deaf, Elmer and Rose set out to look for her. When they find her, Aunt Zelda knows that she’s supposed to give something to Elmer…she just can’t remember what it is! As it was Grandpa Eldo who asked her to pass on a message, they visit him and learn that he asked Aunt Zelda to give Elmer his love.

This humorous, heart-warming tale of family life with elderly relatives is about being caring and treating everyone with love, patience and respect.