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Euro Spies

Authored by Lindsay Littleson
Published by Cranachan Publishing

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Euro Spies is a fast moving and exciting adventure story which explores Europe through landmarks and food.

Samia, Ava and Frankie meet at Glasgow central station, having won first prize in a competition at school: an amazing trip all around Europe. But is the trip all that it seems? When they meet their guide, Miss Watson, who isn’t even sure how many countries they are planning to visit, they begin to think that perhaps this isn’t the trip they thought it was going to be. Following a disturbance during their first night on board the Euro Metro, on the way to Paris, their mysterious chaperone has to reveal that she is in fact working for MI6. The trip is a cover to try and find out what has happened to a colleague, who was on the trail of a dangerous gang and has gone missing, presumed dead. As the group follow the clues, they visit one city in Europe after another, still finding time to sample the local food and do some sightseeing. However, they are being followed and they are not the only ones trying to follow clues to find the evidence. As they get nearer to their final destination, can they solve the clues, keep ahead of the enemy and save the day?

I would recommend Euro Spies as a read aloud in Y5 or Y6 and to add to the adventure section in a class or library. It would also be a great accompaniment to a topic on Europe and a good stimulus for writing a variety of different texts such as city guides, postcards or food reviews. Let’s hope that the Euro Spies continue their adventures!

The author has also written an accompanying reflective reading pack which includes information about the countries visited in the book