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Fair Shares

Authored by Pippa Goodhart
Illustrated by Anna Doherty
Published by Tiny Owl

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Fair Shares is a clever story by Pippa Goodheart that highlights the difference between equality, equity and fairness. As soon as you open the book, you get a sense of the fun and warmth that comes through this simple, yet powerful story.

Hare and Bear would like some pears. Straightaway, it is evident how well this story lends itself to the teaching of reading – with a proposed focus on alternative graphemes. The story itself is simple enough so that it could be adapted (characters, what they are reaching for..) or extended. It lends itself well to narrative outcomes.

There are many illustrations from Anna Doherty that are reminiscent of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and so you could develop lessons around counting and basic number bonds.

The wise beetle teaches the Hare and Bear the value of equity that then enables equality. By the end, both characters can reach the pears but in different ways to enable them to reach the same outcome. In its truest essence, I would use this story for PSHE led sessions – building in philosophy.

I adore this story for its simplicity but also the depth that it can evoke through discussion. Fair Shares is a charming, warm and important story mostly suited for EYFS and KS1.