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Fair Shares

Authored by Pippa Goodhart
Illustrated by Anna Doherty
Published by Tiny Owl

Fair Shares is a charming picturebook, full of fun, and the vibrant illustrations by Anna Doherty give the characters real personality. Using a simple text, Pippa Goodhart tackles a complex message with glee.

Hare and Bear are delighted to discover a tree full of juicy pears, but the tree is too tall for them to touch the fruit. Hare finds three chairs to help them reach, but it doesn’t seem fair that she has two, and Bear only has one. When they share out the chairs equally, Hare cannot reach the fruit, which doesn’t seem fair either. Luckily, a passing beetle is on hand to explain that being fair does not always mean having the same thing. A fact further demonstrated when the friends try to share their fruity prize with their new pal.

Fair Shares would be a wonderful book to share with an early years or infant class. It could engender some interesting discussions about how different people have different needs, and how by respecting this, we can treat everyone fairly.