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Authored by M G Leonard
Published by Walker Books Ltd

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Feather is a delightful story in the Twitchers series but can be read as a standalone if you haven’t read the previous books. Bringing together the ‘gang’ for one last adventure, with Ava leading the sleuthing this time after a mysterious burglary at the local Natural History Museum when Alfred Russel Wallace’s priceless collection of rare bird feathers is stolen. Having witnessed events first hand, she gathers together the team to investigate, leading them to the bizarre and sinister world of fly-fishing, and to a mysterious girl with a pet Raven called Caliban and a dangerous ring of thieves and smugglers. As Ava can only join in during the holiday periods, she sometimes feels a little like an outsider which enables her to develop empathy with the enigmatic Rae, using her own life experiences to act with empathy and courage when somebody else was in need.

The adventures, at times quite perilous and dramatic, combines some fabulous moments of humour too, particularly with the expanding role of another ‘outsider’ Pam, who has wanted to be included for a long time and finally receives full acceptance. The brilliant characterisation is contemporary despite their enthusiasm for a hobby that might be considered old fashioned and M G Leonard’s subject knowledge is key to the narrative which is partly based on real events according to the acknowledgements.

I totally enjoyed this story and read it in a couple of sittings. It would be ideal for independent readers aged 9+ or for a KS2 class reader. It’s pity there will be no more Twitchers adventures but I will look forward to M G Leonard’s next series.