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Find Peace in a Poem

Authored by Various authors
Illustrated by Various Illustrators
Published by Little Tiger Press Group

Find Peace in a Poem is a timely collection of poems from various authors. The front cover by Nabila Adani, who also contributes some of the illustrations within the text, is strikingly tactile. The simple act of tracing the outline of the inset figure is surprisingly calming, even before the book is opened.

As the introduction states, ‘in poetry there is a kind of quiet magic’, and this collection clearly exemplifies this. Poems by familiar and unfamiliar names, all on the general theme of mindfulness, are beautifully illustrated by Masha Manapov, Annalise Barber, Mariana Roldan and of course Nabila Adani. The range is excellent, with some well-established poems and some new, all contemporary. Some of those chosen require much deeper interrogation than others – no bad thing – and all clearly exemplify the power and effectiveness of poetry. The possibilities for pupil artwork are endless.

here is a useful bibliography of the poets and illustrators at the end, with their photographs, demonstrating clearly that poets come from all walks of life and backgrounds, a clearly international collection.  A timely addition to the primary class library for children from 5 years upwards and an excellent ‘go to’ for those poetry moments, as well as providing an excellent source of material for a longer project.  Jack Prelutsky’s I Wished iInto a Wishing Well would provide an excellent starting point, with its concluding lines:

I heard a rhyme inside my head,

And now it’s in my heart.