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Flyntlock Bones: the Eye of Mogdrod

Authored by Derek Keilty
Illustrated by Mark Elvins
Published by Scallywag Press

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Flyntlock Bones: the Eye of Mogdrod is about Flynn a shipmate on ‘The Black Hound’ a pirate ship captained by the fearless Captain Watkins. Alongside his courageous partner Red, a female member of the crew, they keep everything ship-shape and ready for any scurvy endeavours! Do not be fooled, however, these are pirates with a twist. These swashbuckling seafarers are concerned with righting wrongs. They are… pirate investigators.

‘The Eye of Mogdrod’ is the second book in the ‘Flintlock Bones’ trilogy and I have to say my cunning co reader, I cannot wait to read the first and the third. Derek Keilty steers the reader through a thrilling adventure full of all the joys of pirate life: the vast ocean guided by constellations; the interesting food provided by ‘Fishbreath’ the chef; the hunt for booty; loyalty; treachery; larger than life characters and a touch of romance all woven together with laugh out loud humour, incredible description and pirate colloquialisms. He is a fantastic author with a great sense of humour and understanding of how to engage the child reader. If you can get him into your school his creative writing workshop would be transformative.

The pace of the narrative mirrors the fast pace of the adventure. The reader is not allowed an opportunity to relax in a false sense of security. The tension builds to the moment of conflict with Mogdrod the giant, pretty scary, cat and all that ensues. The main characters travel hither and thither in a desperate plight to find Fergus McSwaggers’ precious chalice.

I would recommend this book to any year 2 and year 3 classroom. It is full of silly, fun, stinky humour which will leave this age range both falling off their seats and gripped by the adventurous plot. Partner this with Mark Elvins’ hypnotic illustrations and we are really onto a winner for excitement and inspiring even the most reluctant of readers. So much to explore, Flyntlock Bones: the Eye of Mogdrod really is a must for any lower key stage two classroom and bookcase in any 6-9 year old’s bedroom.

This story would appeal to those who enjoyed other pirate tales such as Marcus Sedgwick’s The Treasure of the Golden Skull or Pirate Blunderbeard: Worst. Pirate. Ever by Amy Sparks and Ben Cort.