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Fossils From Lost Worlds

Authored by Helene Rajcak
Illustrated by Damien Laverdunt
Published by Gecko Press

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Fossils From Lost Worlds by Helene Rajcak and illustrated by Damien Laverdunt is a beautifully presented book, full of vivid illustrations married to detailed scientific content.

Chronologically ordered, each double-page spread is set out to appeal to all readers – a mix of comic book illustrations and detailed information.

The left-hand side of the double pages is the comic. Here, we meet different historical figures, such as Mary Anning and Charles Robert Knight, and explore the places where fossils have been found.

The right-hand side is the information, detailing well-known findings like the stegosaurus and explanations of how palaeontologists use their findings to imagine how these creatures would have looked, how they would have moved, or what they would have eaten.

There is something for everyone here – whether you already have an interest in palaeontology or think that fossils are not relevant at all, the learning potential of the book is fantastic, particularly as it helps us to understand that scientists are always working, always exploring, and often changing their minds about previous findings.

Fossils From Lost Worlds could be used to teach curriculum content and is a worthy addition to any key stage 2 classroom – it is sure to generate discussion and encourage children to ask (and answer) some of the big questions around fossils.


Note from Caroline at Just Imagine: This book would make the ideal pairing with a fiction title such as Picklewitch and Jack and the Sea Wizard’s Secret.