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Fox & Son Tailers

Authored by Paddy Donnelly
Illustrated by Paddy Donnelly
Published by O'Brien Press Ltd

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Rory’s dad, Fox, is a tailer and follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him. The animals come from far and wide to get their tails made by Fox. There are tails for all occasions and Fox is a master at them all, following the precise rules and regulations required for the specific tail he has been tasked to make. Rory helps his dad in the shop and loves to help but he is fed up with the always following the rules for the tails they are making and just wants to create his own type of tails.

Unbeknown to his dad, Rory’s imagination takes flight and he starts creating his own kind of tails. He has designs for all kinds of bold, striking, different and dramatic tails. Rory’s dad however does not share his love for these new and bold creations and stifles Rory’s ambitions. A dejected but undeterred Rory does what he is told but secretly continues to foster his own ambitions for new and exciting tails.

When a Very Important Peacock enters the shop looking for something different, something special, he spies one of Rory’s creations and finds it is just what he is looking for. Rory’s dad reflects and realises that his son’s ideas are important and exciting and together they set out to make the most amazing tail. The tail is perfect and Peacock is delighted, ready to tell the whole town who made his terrific tail.

The images in this book are engaging and exciting, full of detail and personality. They capture the emotion and energy of the characters, who really come to life through these illustrations. The relationship of Fox and his dad is real and evolves throughout the story. The importance of parent and child collaboration, understanding and acceptance is a key message, as is the need to keep hold of dreams and keep working towards them.

This would be a great class read for early years and KS1 and will inspire children to create their very own tails. It would also encourage discussions around being original and creative and following our dreams.