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From Morning to Night

Authored by Flavia Ruotola
Illustrated by Flavia Ruotola
Published by Princeton Architectural Press


From Morning to Night is something completely different, that I think you’ll just want to touch and digest for yourself! This is a picturebook, but it doesn’t tell a story, nor does it look like a traditional picturebook. It reminds me of books from my childhood in the 1970s because the words and illustrations are all in blue and orange, and the covers and pages have that slightly rough texture.

Turn each page, and you will see a pair of simply drawn pictures on either side – the pages almost reflect each other, but subtle changes in shapes and colours alter the meaning, which is reflected in the titles below.

So how could you use this in a Primary School? I think children of all ages would be fascinated by the pictures, and older children could have wonderful discussions about the vocabulary. It is a shame that the book is so small, (it is the size of a paperback novel), as this will make it harder to share as a read-aloud. However, the pictures are very clear so that younger children could see from the carpet, and older classes would benefit from using a visualizer to help them see the pictures in more detail.

I can imagine giving this to a 7 – 9-year-old reader who hasn’t yet discovered the delights of reading and them lapping it up as it is so accessible. The book could also lead to an engaging art project, exploring the use of colour, shape and meaning.

Fascinating pictures from Flavia Ruotola. From Morning to Night is a delightful book to leaf through and pause for thought!