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Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles

Authored by Michael Rosen
Illustrated by David Melling
Published by Harper Collins

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Goldilocks and her dog Tiddles are taking a walk on a warm summer’s day when Tiddles reminds her that they once found a house with three chairs, three bowls of porridge, three beds and three bears. Wondering where it might be, they set off to look for it in the forest. As they walk, they hear a sound borne on the wind. They sniff… and smell the sea, which is singing to them. Finding a cave, they creep inside and find three fishy chairs, three bowls of seaweed and three shells to nestle in.

Young readers with sharp eyes will see the hints that this is the home of crocodiles. Of course, the inevitable happens and, snapping at them, three crocodiles chase Goldilocks and Tiddles back along the beach, through the deep dark woods and home, where, as they fall asleep, they hear the song of the sea wafting through the bedroom window.

This is another joyful join-in story from Michael Rosen, enhanced by the varied type sizes and design and the lively illustrations by David Melling. The facial expressions of Tiddles are a delight as he and Goldilocks investigate the crocodiles’ cave and have to scramble to safety, and the broad seascapes echo the haunting song of the sea, which just invites readers to sing along. The rhythms and repetitions are the marks of Michael Rosen’s accomplished storytelling and is a gift for reading aloud and sharing with children from three upwards.